one-off stories that defy categorization

season: bodies (2017)

Our bodies vs the world. 

season: no (2017)

Kaitlin explores her sexual boundaries from youth to adulthood.

season: pansy (2017)

Where masculinity and femininity meet.

season: diaries (2016)

Life stories told via our personal documents, tattered and dear.

season: silent evidence (2016)

Journalist Tennessee Watson confronts her childhood sexual abuser, told in 4 episodes.

season: ghost (2016)

Loves Lost: when they go, something always remains.

season: make/break (2015)

Couples decide whether to stay together or to go their separate ways.

season: heatwave (2015)

Steamy hits from our smutty archives.

season: the beginning (2015)

We began making stories about feelings and love.

audio smut (2014)

Before we made The Heart, we made smut.