Being a queer or trans person of color is hard anywhere, but can feel especially isolating if you’re living in Seattle, WA. A heavily fractured city that is undergoing massive gentrification. Darqness, an electronic music collective, is working to dismantle that and bring QTPOC together.  Producer Ellie Lightfoot, a Seattle native, spent the last year with this seven-person crew to find out why these parties are so necessary.


Produced by Ellie Lightfoot with Mitra Kaboli.  Editorial advising by Julia Alsop and Lilly Sullivan. Fact checking by Max Pearl.

Collaborative support and special thanks to Darqness. In this episode you heard Jarreau Greene, Calente Cardwell, Howin Wong, Alea Mahone (insta), Brian Eely, Britt Greenwell, and Jade Dynasty.

Music in this episode produced by Darqness. 

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Darqness happens every 3rd Friday at Re-bar in Seattle.