An Announcement



It’s been a truly outrageous few years. We have been haunted by our ghosts, we have heard the sex dreams of Mrs. Claus, we have grappled with the traumatic history of our bodies, we have learned how to say no...and now it is time for a break.

The big news: the Heart will not be making episodes starting in 2018. We’re all ready to try new things and hustle new hustles for a while. In the meantime, we’ll be featuring all of the incredible things that the team gets up to on the podcast feed through the year. You’ll be the first to hear anything new coming from Mitra, Jen, Samara, Phoebe, Sharon, Kaitlin and the folks of our creative community.

We love you very much. We are so grateful for your support over the years. You have sent letters, you have given gifts, you have shared stories, you have donated your hard earned cash, you have sent us your love, you have made us feel heard and you have made us feel inspired to keep doing this work. Stay tuned, because we’re working on something new.

Big news 2: Kaitlin and some of the team are working on something new + magical. It will come out next year. It is going to be very special.

The last episode of the year is coming out on December 19th.

Seriously though, we love you. Thanks so much for being there.

<3, Kaitlin, Mitra, Phoebe, Jen and The Heart Universe.

PS: In this period of silence, we will go on planting the seeds of the next radio revolution. We are in search of business geniuses and investors. Drop KP a line.

PPS: ~* The Secret Link *~