Answers (3 of 4)


Episode three of No.

Kaitlin’s search for the answer to why coercion is so omnipresent lands her in one obvious place. Straight, cis-gendered men. In this episode, Kaitlin consults the men in her life that she loves, her friends, her father, her exes to see if they had ever pressured someone into having unwanted intimacy. But she knows she cannot end her search here. She must reach out to the men who have transgressed her to get their side of the story.


Director: Kaitlin Prest, Assistant producer: Ariel Hahn, Editors: Mitra Kaboli and Sharon Mashihi, Associate producer: Phoebe Wang, Design: Jen Ng, Scoring and Sound Design: Shani Aviram, Special thanks to Jay for participating in this project, as well as all of our friends. Thanks to Brad Perry and his essay “Hooking Up With Healthy Sexuality”. 

Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.