Questions (4 of 4)


Episode four of No.

Many listeners were left with a lot of lingering questions and thoughts after the first three episodes. In the final installment of ‘NO’ we respond to some of the questions that we heard a lot of.

What do I tell my kids? What if my no DOES mean yes? Additionally, some of the producers and trusted sex educator, Samara Breger unpack some of the blind spots and larger themes from the last three episodes.

[Trigger Warning]


Director: Kaitlin Prest, Assistant producer: Ariel Hahn, Editors: Mitra Kaboli and Sharon Mashihi, Associate producer: Phoebe Wang, Design: Jen Ng, Sex advice: Samara Breger

Music: 'Not Your Woman,' by Em and the Fates

Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.




Organizations Fighting against Sexual Assault and Violence

Additional Resources and Reading Lists: Queer Sexual Assault, Accountability, Transformative Justice, etc.