Advance (1 of 4)


Episode one of No.

We meet Kaitlin in her youth as she learns to navigate her first sexual experiences along with the confusion of her desires. Kaitlin learns how to decline unwanted sexual advances and the difficulty of advocating for her needs. But what is she to do when her words are ignored and her agency is taken from her?

[Trigger Warning]


Director: Kaitlin Prest; Assistant Producer: Ariel Hahn; Editors: Mitra Kaboli and Sharon Mashihi; Associate Producer: Phoebe Wang; Design: Jen Ng; Scoring and Sound Design: Shani Aviram; Editorial Advisers: Stephanie Foo, Lewis Wallace, Audrey Quinn, Pejk Malinovski, Nick van der Kolk, Brendan Baker

Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.