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“Eintagsliebe,” a sort of real German word meaning “one-day’s love” or,  a “fling.” It can be analogous to the mayfly, “eintagsfliege.” The mayfly sneaks in through an open window and lives her mayfly life to the fullest — perhaps even finding her true mayfly love. Before she knows it, death has overtaken her. She lies limply in the windowsill.

It was Friday, October 26th of 2012 and Hurricane Sandy was slowly descending upon New York City. Mitra was at dinner with Kaitlin, feeling a bit down in the dumps and she decided to make a love plan that would turn into a prophecy. Upon Mitra’s return home, she finds a man sitting on her couch that she cannot deny her attraction to.

This series is an ode to the short and sweet moments in life — the ones you can never get over.  The moments that you wish lasted longer because they were so intense, so perfect, so everything you’ve ever wanted to feel with another human being. You wish you could document every second of your parallel existences together — to show the world that your love is the best.  But you don’t because much like the mayfly,  it’s going to be over before it can ever really begin.


This story was produced with help from Lucas Adams. Lucas draws cartoons.

The song, “Eintagsliebe” by Marteria was a huge inspiration for this series. Listen to it here and be inspired.

A special thanks to Daniel Gross and Michele Robinson for confirming that “Eintagsliebe” could, in fact, be a German word.