The final story of our 'One-Day's Love' series is about two people who took a one-day’s love and tried to make it last forever.

Sarah and Kim are braver than most of us. Instead of leaving the one-day’s love to linger in their memories and fantasies of accidental future meetings — they moved in together. They U-Hauled it. After the lake and six weeks of talking on the phone everyday, Sarah Amtrak’d to the big city and settled in to the apartment they signed a year’s lease for. They hadn’t even slept together yet, but they were crazy about each other. They wanted more. They wanted it all.

The great question: Is chemistry enough to get through the yet-unknown interpersonal frictions and differences?

This episode of The Heart is secretly called “9-1-1 Vox Pop.” Produced at the last minute with the help of some very talented individuals.


The music was originally composed for the episode by the incredible Matthew Daher. He just released an EP called “Dwelling Lightheartedly In the Futility of Everything.” Go get it.

You also heard music at the beginning by Man Meets Bear, who also released a new album recently called ‘Wagaskina.’

So many thanks: Editorial genius as always by Mitra Kaboli + Sharon Mashihi.

The team and beyond who helped get this episode together: Samara Breger, Jen Ng, Shira Bannerman, Megan Detrie, Julia Murphy, Martin Johnson, Ido Fluk, Hana Crawford and Brendan Baker (who gives me advice all the time about everything).