Fu*k Love

02. 15. 14 | Brooklyn NY | UnionDocs

We gathered at UnionDocs for the debut of the episode, FU*K LOVE. Hosts Mitra & Kaitlin narrated and mixed the episode live to a dimly lit full house. The stories served as a Valentine’s Day detox as we took a critical look at romantic love. We featured accounts of happily arranged marriages; failed marriages that led to, dare we say, true love; the radical and terrifying implications of putting love first; and what it really means to spend an eternity with someone. Thanks to our host UnionDocs; our sponsor, Babeland; and to Lina Misitzis who moderated our Q & A. And of course, thank you to all who spent the evening with us listening to love stories in the dark.

This episode features the work of Mitra Kaboli, Kaitlin Prest, Ryan Kailath, Kelsey Padgett, Suzy Hunt + Tobias Segal.


photos by Ted Roeder
fu*k love banner design by Jen Ng