JOB POSTING: Assistant Producer

Location: New York City (office is in DUMBO, Brooklyn)

Compensation: $1000/month

Commitment: Part time (15-20 hrs/week or 2-3 days a week); 6-month contract

Application Deadline: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Description: We're looking for a new team member! Is it you? At the Heart, everyone does a little bit of everything. We’re looking for someone with a wide array of skills, from social media to audio editing. The position includes some non audio-oriented work (social media, research, event production), and audio work (cutting trailers or promos of our mini-seasons, doing rough cuts of stories). We need someone who is onhand to help with whatever needs to be done. There isn’t a huge focus on making your own stories in this role, but you will be an integral part of the content we put out as a show. You’ll be in the thick of production, and witness every angle of what we do at The Heart.

We’re looking for someone who has/is:

  • Strong social media skills

  • Strong production/mixing chops

  • Strong sense of story and good tape

  • Organized, detail-oriented

  • Good at copywriting

  • Strong research/digging skills: fearlessness in making calls, writing emails, showing up and tracking things down. Whether it be a source for a story, or a music label to buy music from. We want someone who gets things done, and makes things happen.

  • Is passionate about The Heart and it’s mission, and has an innate understanding of our style and approach.

We are a queer/trans/woman/POC forward organization and are specifically looking to hire someone who is part of the communities the show was founded to represent. So if you are part of these communities, even if you don’t think you have some of the skills on this list, please consider applying!


Joining the Heart means joining an incredible community of queers and women and audio artists who support and love each other. The job begins with a 6-month contract, but what we’re really looking for is someone who can become a long term member of the team, someone who can grow with us and be represented to the world as part of the crew. If we were a band, you'd be signing on as our new drummer (or synth player, or accordion, whatever strikes your fancy).


You are welcome to apply for this position as part of an internship program for school credit! But we’d ask for you to stay with us after the semester ends.


The Heart is a feminist audio art project, and we are not rich. We are offering a stipend that is equivalent with what everyone on the show is getting paid. The show has been experiencing steady growth, and your rate will grow as the show does. Additionally, the hours are part-time and flexible, so you’ll have time to work on your own art projects and other freelance gigs.

APPLICATION (Deadline: Wednesday, October 6, 2016)

Please send us your resume, 2 references and answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you think you'd be a good fit for this job?
  2. What resonates with you about The Heart? Why are you a good fit for us? Why are we a good fit for you?
  3. Come up with two story ideas: one personal story, that is about something that you've been through (under the theme of love/sex/gender), and one that's about someone else. These ideas don't have to be fully fleshed out, they could be "ideal world" scenarios!
  4. Do you have work that you've done that you could point us to?
  5. What is your relationship with queerness? Queer politics? Gender politics? Sexual politics? Racial politics? Any kind of identity politics?


We look forward to hearing from you!