Bathroom Bill

Marlo never expected a bathroom bill to reach her home state of Washington. But it did.

In 2016, the Just Want Privacy Campaign started petitioning to keep transgender students from using restrooms that match their gender identities. Marlo navigates what a bathroom bill means for her and her transgender daughter.

Ways to Help: 

  • Find out if your state is considering a bathroom bill.

  • Call your senators and representatives; ask them how they are planning to vote and urge them to support transgender rights. Find out who represents you in Congress here. Or, call the Capital Hill switchboard: 202-224-3121 and an operator will connect you to the right office.

  • If you live in Washington state, click here to see how you can help fight the Just Want Privacy Campaign.

  • Talk to your neighbors.


This episode was originally aired on How to Be a Girl; produced by Marlo Mack with editing assistance from Jim Gates and Whitney Henry-Lester. 

Marlo's blog: gendermom

Music: "Heartache" (Broke For Free), "Golden" (Little Glass Men), "A void" (johnny_ripper), "Pure Attitude" (Kevin MacLeod,, "The Tallest Man in Idaho" (Michael Howard)