A Wedding: 10/16/15

10. 16. 15 | Brooklyn NY | The Bell House


When Mitra and Kaitlin decided to be business partners, Mitra suggested throwing a wedding to celebrate. Kaitlin wanted the wedding to be a deep exploration of the intimate intricacies of the two star-crossed artists' relationship. Mitra wanted a big party. The Heart Wedding, also the Make//Break Season Launch Party, was a little bit of both.

The brides and their wedding party proceeded to the stage at The Bell House and were accompanied by radio producer and cellist, Tobin Low. The lights dimmed, the house went silent, and the show started. Each bride took the audience through the ups and downs of their 5-year-partnership — from the humble beginnings in Montreal — to a lavish proposal at the New York City Opera.

The performance was followed by the ceremony, officiated by editorial advisor Sharon Mashihi, with the help of wedding planner/event producer Lina Misitzis, friend of the show Kelsey Padgett, and maid of honor, Samara Breger. Vows, earrings, and plates were exchanged, everyone wept, and the brides kissed.

Then, we partied. Guests lined up for meatballs and sides from The Meatball Shop, and a wedding cake from Ovenly. The brides tossed their Honeysuckle BK bouquets and everyone became their own bride with the "Make Your Own Veil" station, and left the happy couple messages in the audio guestbook.  HOMOGROUND brought the afterparty. We danced all night. We felt beautiful. We felt loved.

Our wedding was perfect. Thanks to all who bought tickets, bought drinks, wished us well, danced with us, laughed with us, and cried with us. You inspire us.

The first episode of the Make//Break Season is out. Listen now if you haven’t yet!


Special thanks to:

Wedding planner and event producer | Lina Misitzis

Our performers | Tobin Low, Sharon Mashihi & Kelsey Padgett

Shira Bannerman, Marissa Booker, Megan Detrie, Kasia Mychajlowycz & Cassie Wagler for bringing it all together the day of the event.  

Allen Watts for making our audio guestbook.

Afterparty by Homoground /// DJs Tikka Masala, Robi D Light, Roze Royze

Photographer | Ted Roeder

The Heart Staff

The Bell House

Sponsors | Ovenly, The Meatball Shop, Union Market & Honeysuckle.

Photography by Ted Roeder

Wedding invite design by Jen Ng



The Heart is hosting a celebration of love, commitment and business, also known as...a WEDDING! Kaitlin and Mitra are getting married (well, sort of). As of April of this year, Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli are legally bound — as business partners. It’s an LLC of Love!

The very first Heart Wedding will mark the commitment between creative director Kaitlin Prest and senior producer Mitra Kaboli as they embark on a new business partnership and reflect on a 5-year-long friendship. The wedding will be part radio-listening event, part performance art and all celebration.